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Crestron Home® OS

Das Betriebssystem für Ihr Zuhause

Crestron Home

Everything simply works better when designed to work together.

The Crestron Home® OS is a state-of-the-art smart home Operating System specifically developed to ensure that every Crestron product, your favorite devices, and even specialized systems, all flawlessly work together as a single ecosystem.

Der Crestron-Unterschied

Der Crestron-Unterschied

Es gibt einen einfachen Grund, warum Crestron der Marktführer in der Smart Home-Branche ist: We deliver the best user experience; we back it up with our award-winning True Blue Support Team; and we’re never satisfied with the status quo.

Trust is everything

Trust is

We take great pride in our work and our products. Crestron controls every aspect of product development, manufacturing, testing, and distribution to ensure unparalleled performance, reliability, and service.

We never cut corners. We can’t. The same products that go into your home are also built for the military, hospitals, and other mission-critical applications.

„Wir empfehlen Crestron als bevorzugtes Smart-Home-System, und mit der Einfachheit von Crestron Home ist es jetzt leichter denn je.“
Ed Moreau portrait

Ed Moreau, Mitbegründer, Creative Sound & Integration

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