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Gesundheit und Wellness
Health starts at home

Ja. Your home can benefit your health.

The Crestron Home® platform seamlessly integrates with the Crestron product ecosystem and best-in-class wellness technology from our industry partners, so you can easily orchestrate your home’s environment and how it interacts with the outside world to help support your health and well-being.

Connecting with nature. Naturally healing.

with nature.

Green environments can help lift our mood. Crestron sound systems enable you to fill your home with a variety of natural acoustic environments from your favorite streaming services or audio sources. Speakers placed in living walls, or “vertical gardens,” bring the outdoors inside, while Crestron shading solutions let the perfect amount of light in at just the right times.

Climate, pure air & water. Elements of wellness.

Climate, pure air, and water. Elements of wellness.

The temperature and purity of the air and water in your home is vital. Well placed, reliable heating and cooling systems, paired with Crestron Horizon® smart thermostats, maintain the optimal thermal environment. Crestron Home seamlessly integrates with the Delos Wellness platform to give you visibility of their advanced smart water filtration and air purification solutions, designed to help improve your household water quality and let you monitor and filter the air in your home.

Power that’s always on.

Your port in the storm.

The ability to see how prepared your home may be for power interruptions is a reassurance that can’t be measured. Crestron partners with PanTech Design, whose energy automation technology stores power from the grid and your own renewable resources, plus anticipates power outages via severe weather tracking to keep the lights on for you.

Peace of mind.


The ability to access your home’s security features, whether you’re at home or away, can help put your mind at ease. Crestron unifies your security technologies, from alarm systems and video door stations to shades programmed to raise and lower to make your home appear lived in while you’re away.

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