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        Crestron Fusion

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        Last Modified: 5/24/2022 12:00:00 PM Release Notes

        Change Log:

        Changes since Last Version

        New Features
        • All Crestron Fusion web pages are updated to use jQuery 3.6.0
        • The Telerik library for reporting is updated to version 15.2.21
        • Outbound Bulk Symbol discovery (Limited to Control Systems and AVF devices)
          • This feature provides the capability to discover maximum of 500 devices. Time to complete the operation varies based on the room symbol count.
          • It is recommended to discover no more than 50 devices at a time for the best results.
          • Maintain the same list or the process will fail to discover the devices.
          • Format the list using a Notepad (*.txt) file containing IP addresses or hostnames for discovery. I mix of IP addresses and hostnames is supported.
          • Foreign language translation support is not available for all alert messages related to this feature.

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