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        New Climate Controls


        Thoughtful, modern design meets professional control and functionality

        Crestron makes some of the best thermostats on the market. Our new Horizon® smart thermostats are our most designer- and integrator-friendly yet, and native to the Crestron Home™ platform.

        Missed the sneak peek of our next-generation climate control? Watch the webinar recording today.

        Residential Speakers Deep Dive


        Last month, Nick Berry, CEO & President of Origin Acoustics, and Ekin Binal, Crestron’s Product Manager of Audio Solutions, co-hosted the unveiling of our new lineup of residential speakers, designed to pair with our new DM NAX™ streaming amplifier to deliver full, rich sound. Sie haben es verpasst? Click below to watch now.

        Crestron Home – Release 3.6

        This latest version of Crestron Home supports deep, seamless integration with the Crestron Horizon smart thermostat. Your customers will enjoy a simple consistent user experience, as they move between Crestron touch screen, Crestron Home App, and Horizon thermostat.

        Professional Diagnostics Tools
        Crestron Home continues to add professional tools to make installations even easier. With the new “Enable logging” checkbox on each driver, you can see all commands going into and out of a driver in the Diagnostics screen. Pinpoint the device issue, solve it, and move on to the next job.

        Used in conjunction with the Crestron Home Configurator, Crestron Home 3.6 will enable you to redeploy changes to your Crestron Home control systems. You can use the Configurator for more than just a one-time design tool. Now, you can make changes even after you have deployed the rest of your Crestron Home system.



        The Crestron Home Configurator keeps getting better. Now, you can get even more done offsite. Design your lighting system. Enter data even faster. Navigate, create, and modify devices and lighting loads with ease using new workflow improvements.

        • 1. The new Equipment tab combines the functionality of Enclosures, Modules and Assignments tabs into one simple tab
        • 2. Easily add Enclosures and Modules using the Add Device button in the Equipment tab
        • 3. Every configuration includes our new “Equipment Room” to help house and organize all your devices
        • 4. Access enclosures, module settings, and load assignments quickly with the new sub-tabs

        Use this new update today: portal.my.crestron.com

        Additional Crestron Home Drivers and Extensions now available online and in-app

        Even more Crestron Home Drivers and Crestron Home Extensions are now available on our Driver Web Portal and natively within the Crestron Home Setup app.

        Additionally, as a Crestron Dealer or CSP, you can now submit drivers for sale or free download. These professionally created drivers give you even more options for controlling devices. Von Crestron erstellte und getestete Treiber sind deutlich mit einem Crestron-Swirl gekennzeichnet.

        Some of these new drivers are Crestron Home Extensions, a special type of driver that also includes a custom UI that inserts control objects directly into Crestron Home. They look and feel like native Crestron Home objects and run seamlessly on iOS® and Android™ operating system devices, and TSWs touch screens.

        Pre-construction brackets for new Crestron Residential Speakers


        Jetzt verfügbar
        Lautsprechervorlagen (Neukonstruktion) für 6 in. oder 8 in. Referenz- und Ultimate-Deckeneinbaulautsprecher, 10 Pack
        Jetzt verfügbar
        Lautsprechervorlagen (Neukonstruktion) für Reference IW4X8 Wandeinbaulautsprecher, 1 Paar
        Jetzt verfügbar
        Lautsprechervorlagen (Neukonstruktion) Ultimate IWLCR62 In-Wall Lautsprecher, 1 Paar

        Place your pre-orders for new Crestron Residential Speakers and DM-NAX™ Audio-over-IP Distribution

        Built on the industry leading DM NVX® Video-over-IP platform, DM NAX Audio-over-IP Distribution delivers unmatched flexibility, scalability, performance, and integration. DM NAX is engineered to work seamlessly with Crestron Home and custom-programmed Crestron systems, DM NVX video sources, and Crestron Residential Speakers.

        Crestron Residential Speakers are expertly engineered to deliver high-performance to satisfy audiophiles. They’re thoughtfully designed to please interior designers, and are easy to install and support.

        VERFÜGBAR: MAY 28th
        Verfügbar ab 28. Mai
        Reference 6.5 in. 2-Wege-Deckeneinbaulautsprecher
        Verfügbar ab 28. Mai
        Reference 8 in. 2-Wege-Deckeneinbaulautsprecher
        Verfügbar ab 28. Mai
        Reference 4 in. x 8 in. Wandeinbaulautsprecher
        Verfügbar ab 28. Mai
        8-Zonen Streaming Audio-over-IP Verteilerverstärker
        VERFÜGBAR: JULY 30th
        Verfügbar ab 30. Juli
        Landscape Package, four 4 in. Lautsprecher und ein 10 in. Subwoofer
        Verfügbar ab 30. Juli
        Ultimate Landschaft 6 in. Bronze-Lautsprecher
        Verfügbar ab 30. Juli
        Ultimate Landschaft 12 in. In-Ground Bronze-Subwoofer
        Verfügbar ab 30. Juli
        Ultimate 6 in. 2-Wege-Wandeinbaulautsprecher
        Verfügbar ab 30. Juli
        Ultimate 6.5 in. 2-Wege-Deckeneinbaulautsprecher
        Verfügbar ab 30. Juli
        Ultimate 8 in. 2-Wege-Deckeneinbaulautsprecher
        Verfügbar ab 30. Juli
        Ultimative 6.5 in. 2-Wege-Allwetter-Deckeneinbaulautsprecher
        Verfügbar ab 30. Juli
        Ultimate 8 in. Subwoofer für Deckeneinbau
        Verfügbar ab 30. Juli
        Ultimate 8 in. Subwoofer für Wandeinbau
        Verfügbar ab 30. Juli
        Ultimate Landschaft 6 in. Grundierter Lautsprecher
        Verfügbar ab 30. Juli
        Ultimate Landschaft 12 in. In-Ground grundierter Subwoofer
        VERFÜGBAR: AUGUST 2021
        Verfügbar ab August 2021
        Analog- und Digital-Audio zu Audio-over-IP-Encoder

        All new climate controls: Horizon Thermostats

        VERFÜGBAR: JUNE 4th

        With their ultra-slim profile and modern design, feature-rich Horizon smart thermostats are always neat and discreet, while delivering advanced functionality. These thermostats provide intuitive control, bright high-resolution touch screen, built-in proximity sensors, light sensors, silent operation, and natively integrate with the Crestron Home platform.

        Flexible wiring options make Horizon thermostats fit equally well in new construction or retrofit installations. Color-coded spring terminals make it easy. You can remotely configure multiple Horizon thermostats simultaneously and save and reuse your configurations, so you don’t have to start from scratch every time – a real time-saver.

        Available June 4th
        Horizon® Wireless Thermostat, Black
        Available June 4th
        Horizon® Wireless Thermostat, White
        Available June 4th
        Horizon® Wireless Thermostat, Almond
        Available June 24th
        Common Wire Adapter for HZ-THSTAT

        Introducing: Delos Wellness Extension for the Crestron Home™ platform

        Welcome to the healthy home revolution! Now, for the first time, you can passively enhance your health, well-being, and performance. Delos, the global pioneers in wellness real estate and creators of wellness intelligence technology, now offers the Delos Wellness Extension for Crestron Home, which enhances well-being by monitoring and remediating air quality. New features on the way include circadian cycles, dawn simulation, restorative lighting, and more. The extension is native to Crestron Home and requires no additional programming, compiling, or UI design. Apply the combined powerhouse technologies of the Delos Extension and Crestron Home today, and help turn your clients’ homes into wellness oases.

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